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Undefined eyebrows and eyelashes can fail to accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes. Many women with light colored eye brows and eye lashes may wish to add a darker accent to their faces to highlight their eyes and other features. Tinting can add depth to the entire structure of the face for those with pale or light colored skin and very blonde or light brows and lashes. By matching the tint to the individual‘s natural look, brow and lash tinting can create a new look to the face without looking artificial.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting adds the illusion of thickness and dimension by simply changing the color. The eyes will suddenly appear more vibrant and the features will have more contrast.

Before tinting the eyelashes, the aesthetician applies a protective cream, such as petroleum jelly under the eyes, which prevents the skin from getting stained. A cotton pad is then placed under the eyes and over the cream. As the patient shuts her eyes, the tint is applied to lashes with a fine brush, and allowed to set for at least ten minutes. To tint the eyebrows, the aesthetician will also first apply petroleum jelly the skin surrounding the brows. This protects the skin and prevents the dye from bleeding onto it. Then the tint is painted directly onto the brow. The dye sits for ten minutes, and any residue is gently removed.

The results of permanent tints can last from one to three months. To help eye brow color last longer, individuals are advised to avoid using exfoliating cleansers, which can strip the color from the hair in the brows.

Eyebrow Styling
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